I am seriously considering traveling alone.

I’ve heard about young women like me going out on their own and I’ve also heard about the possibility of travel groups.

Everyone in my family is busy and can’t take the time off or whatever the case may be. Also, I don’t have a significant other to plan trips with or friends that can take the time off or that even want to take the far flights.

It seems like a big mess so I’ve started to consider just going myself. I wouldn’t have to sacrifice any time in seeing things I’m not interested in. Traveling alone could also be very comforting, and disconnecting from real life even sounds soothing.

Recently, I’ve really wanted to visit Barcelona. I’m obsessed with seeing it in the summer, experiencing the culture and meeting the people. That may be my first destination!

Have you ever traveled alone? If so, what do you recommend I do? If not, have you ever considered it?