Ok, so you're going to pull a Grace van Custem if you have to hear about another freaking wedding.  From our dream weddings to Reese's to the Royal one, 2011 has been filled with nuptial craziness (and love!) on Lovelyish.

But the wedding in this post is one you won't want to miss, just because it's too darn cute and as a single, 25-year-old, it gives me hope there's someone out there for me. 

Rose Pollard totally played hard to get when she met Forrest Lunsway after meeting on a blind date almost 30 years ago.  Even though they became a couple not long after that first meeting, when the topic of marriage came up, Pollard, a widow who had a very happy life with her first husband, had no intentions of trying to knot again.  When Forrest popped the question, he figured Rose would have changed her mind.


Her response to asking for her hand in marriage?  “I told him, ‘I’ll marry you on your 100th birthday,’ ” she said in an interview with msnbc.com.

And she was true to her word.

When Forrest turned 100 in March, he finally got to marry his bride, who's a decade younger than her new husband.  The couple even fooled all of their guests who thought they were gathering for a birthday party for Forrest, but really, they were there to watch the two crazy kids get married.  And thanks to a local hotel, they even got to spend their first night as a married couple in a hotel room stocked with strawberries and champagne.

With the ink barely dry on their marriage certificate, they've already surpassed a French couple as the holders of the "oldest couple to marry" record, thanks to their combined age of 190.

We wish them many more years of health and happiness!