I have this wooden frame in my room which has a picture of my dad and I dancing at my cousin's wedding two years ago (yup, that's me and my pops, above!).  The frame has some nice words about the bond between fathers and their girls, including "Fathers and daughters are so proud of one another.  They share big hugs."

One thing my dad and I don't share though?  Clothes.

This isn't the case with one famous family though. 

It's American Idol judge Steven Tyler!

His daughter, actress Liv Tyler, recently revealed her dad is constantly borrowing clothes from her collection.

My dad wears girls’ clothes — it’s so funny.  Sometimes I see him and I’m like, ‘Nice shirt!,’ because it’s from my closet...I think he’s really handsome. I feel really proud of him.

Our own Lourdes borrows super cute things from her mom's closet (love the brown striped sweater!), but I think my dad looks quite handsome in the clothes from his own closet.  Plus, I think he's more of a Joseph A. Bank kinda guy than an Ann Taylor kinda guy...

Would you let your dad borrow your clothes?  Would you wear something out of his closet?