These 'Tristen' boots From Steve Madden would not have the seal of approval from my male friends. 

I always find it sort of hysterical when a guy comments on shoes and accessories. Like, do they really notice these things? I don't usually expect guys to comment on clothes unless it's something really form-fitting or sexy on a girl, but I'm glad this shallow view of mine has been thwarted by some of my close male friends. They actually do notice what girls wear, and they do look at your feet on occasion to critique your foot candy. 

Last week, as I was sitting on the library steps, one of my best dudes looked over at a female passerby and asked me why a girl would "wear a shoe with spurs."

He was commenting on cowboy-style shoes that obviously didn't come with spurs, but you get the point. He threw out words like "pointless" and "ugly," and managed to add: "Oh, right, let me just strap on my python boots with spurs and call it a day!" Of course, I thought the boots were adorable, but he found it hard to comprehend how they were stylish.

That's the one thing about guys you can always rely on. They may not talk much about fashion, but when they do, they're brutally honest! It was also just refreshing to see a guy comment on a fashion item other than a tight dress or skimpy top. What trends do your guy friends hate, Lovelies?