On April 28th, I was watching the talk show so cleverly called, "The Talk." They happened to have Nick Cannon on as a guest host in place of Sharon Osbourne, but I didn't really pay that much attention to the change in casting until Nick, at the time still waiting for his twins to be born, asked Holly Robinson Peete for advice on raising his future children.

The most interesting question he asked was what age should the twins stop bathing together. Holly stated in her reply that her 13 year old boy/girl twins still bathe together. At first I just thought she was making an awful joke, but once she went on to explain I realized it wasn't in jest. I found that fact incredibly disturbing, and so have my friends I've talked to, but not many people online seem to be discussing the topic. So I thought I would.

So, Lovelies, what are your thoughts on this? Do you find it inappropriate that Holly still allows her 13 year old boy/girl twins to bathe together? At what age do you feel they should stop bathing together?