Then:  Following in the footsteps of his older brother, actor Fred Savage, Ben Savage gained popularity in the 90s as Cornelius "Cory" Matthews on Boy Meets World.  Starting in 1993, the show featured the daily happenings of Cory, his best friend Shawn, Cory's eventual girlfriend Topanga, and other members of the Matthews family, including older but not wiser brother, Eric.  In the beginning, Cory was an awkward sixth grader who's always learning some sort of lesson from his neighbor, Mr. Feeney (who also happened to be his middle school teacher, high school principal, and then somehow became a professor at Cory's college).  Throughout the seasons, Cory was the "nice guy" who was always helping out Shawn, whether it was "babysitting" one girl his best friend was interested in while on a date with another girl or making over a nerdy classmate in hopes of helping her gain some popularity.  The popular T.G.I.F. show proved that nice guys don't always finish last as we saw Cory and Topanga's relationship blossom from a kiss in the first season to marriage in the show's last season in 2000

So whatever happened to Ben Savage?

Once the hugely popular show went off the air 11 years ago, Ben (whose real name is Bennett) enrolled at Stanford University, graduating with a political science degree in 2004.  Equally as smart as his on-screen character, Ben interned with a US Senator and was a part of a fraternity.  Taking a break from acting when he was hitting the books, Ben returned to acting around 2005.  He took on smaller guest roles in TV and movies, including a spot on the Disney Channel's Phil of the Future.  For those not tuned into the Disney Channel, you may have seen Ben on the comedy, Still Standing, Chuck, and Without a TraceKeep an eye out for Ben on the big screen this year, as he has two different movies set to be released in 2011: Peace and Riot and Lake Effects, which also stars Jane Seymour.

Even though he hasn't had too many hits since his days as Cory Matthews, he hasn't done too bad for himself, scoring a sweet pad in West Hollywood.  He has fallen victim to a false death report which circulated around the Internet.  In 2006, a rumor was going around that Ben suffered fatal injuries in a car accident and passed away.  As if the death rumor wasn't bad enough, the report also stated that he was "intoxicated during the accident which ultimately prevented his recovery."  Besides the fact that Ben is alive in well, I couldn't find any confirmation that he has a girlfriend, so ladies, Cory Matthews could be all yours!

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