As all of you know, we here at Lovelyish have quite of an obsession with Mr. James Franco. Those eyes, his eccentric personality, his brains, that twisted smile that makes you swoon, and you can't forget his wonderful acting abilities. We love him so much we have forgiven him for his disastrous stint as The Academy Awards co-host. His long and shiny career has been nothing but exceptional.

We'll never forget his role as the lovable stoner "Saul" in Pineapple Express, or his Oscar nominated role in 127 Hours (SPOILER ALERT: Dude cuts off his own arm). It's clear that James Franco isn't going anywhere for a long time, no matter how many PhD's he gets at Yale or Harvard, he will always be making time to star in a movie, and be sure to keep following our Franco-centric updates. Alas, we are proudly to take up a possible new obsession... a cutey who is closely related to our one and only.

There is a new Franco in town, and this one definitely has the looks to fake it, but will he make it? Ridiculously hot Dave Franco has already had a few minor roles in 7th Heaven, Scrubs, Greek, Superbad and Milk, as well as starring in a few hilarious Funny or Die videos and a super cute music video with Emma Roberts. The 25-year-old star is steadily rising as he is getting roles in two upcoming 80’s remakes: Fright Night and the show that launched Johnny Depp’s career 21 Jump Street.

The boy is funny, cute, and has a good set of connections thanks to his older bro who’s got the hook ups. So you should keep your eye out for this one, and will probably be seeing him in a future Judd Apatow movie. From what I’ve seen he has potential to be the next heartthrob with a sense of humor (à la Ryan Reynolds), and that’s always a plus right? He may not ever have a career like his brothers’ but at least we can hope that he will be around just a little bit longer so we can stare into his beautiful brown eyes. If you haven’t seen much of him I suggest you Google him and check out his Funny or Die videos.

POP QUIZ: Which Franco does it for you?