Everytime I wear leggings, which is pretty often, I’m always stumped over what shoes to wear with them. Boots? Heels? Flats? Luckily, there are plentiful options for footwear that looks chic enough to match your lower half.

Here are a few styles of shoes that I like to wear with leggings:

1. Combat boots. As Jessica Alba demonstrates, combats boots work well with leggings, because the tight fit of the fabric keeps the boots looking sleek and feminine. Pair your look with a tunic or dress and finish with a scarf for a little bit of boho flair.

2. Pumps. Heels can also work well with leggings. My tip: stick with round-toed pumps, like the models; pointed toes can look a bit too ’80′s.

3. Knee-high boots. Calf- or knee-high boots look classy with leggings, as Megan Fox demonstrates. You can stick with black leggings and black boots, like Megan, or mix things up and pair your black leggings with a tan boot.

4. Converse. For a punkier spin on the look, slip on a pair of Converse. High-tops will give more of a tights-type look, but you can wear the low-rise Chucks in black, or whatever color you prefer. When I wear leggings with Converse, though, I always feel like I’m dressing a lot younger than my age! So if you do try it out, make sure your outfit is playful as well.

What shoes do you wear with leggings?