Kids these days. Give them a little taste of fame and they start itching for more. According to Popeater, Jo, who appeared on MTV's Teen Mom 2 with ex-girlfirend Kaitlyn and son Isaac, has released a rap video titled "Unthinkable Remix." It's sung to the background of the original Alicia Keys song, and you may laugh at me, but I have to give this kid lyrical props. 

Rapping under the name N.I.C.K B, Joe Rivera is not on the path to a top musical career, and the video is beyond tacky. Rivera tries to charm us by laying in a wife-beater on a queen-sized bed, staring soulfully into the eyes of girl who wears leopard-printed leggings. I'll pass on that one, but I have to say the lyrics are a little catchy. My favorite lines include, "My appetite for you is becoming obese/I'm ready to bite but I'm like a dog with no teeth/Until you give me a chance I'm a branch with no leaves/Cold with no fleece/in a desert with no breeze."


Please watch this video, and tell me what you Lovelies think!