Today I had the pleasure of venturing to the airport. Whenever I go, I usually try to wear something comfortable. Actually, I’ve worn sweatpants to the airport before. Maybe not the worst thing to do, but I usually like to dress in a way that makes me feel comfortable while still looking…not like a slob. Thus, I have created a few airport looks that are comfortable, yet classy.

(ABOVE) I usually like to wear a sweater or something similar to the airport. That way, if the person next to me is having a hot flash and starts blowing air all over the place, I’ll be set to go. I also have one of those longchamp bags, they’re great. They look small but I can literally fit my laptop, SLR camera and books in there. The shoe adds a quick pop of color and the snood gives the outfit a little…. je ne sais quoi. You know?


I would probably wear this on a longer flight. Not too long because of the jeans (I like to prop my feet up onto the seat during flights to be comfortable and jeans make that a hint difficult) but just long enough that I can be comfortable. The slouchy sweater adds comfort that I love while traveling.

I would wear this while going to spring break or some sort of warm destination. It’s great because (if you’re starting off in a cold location like I always am) you have a blazer to keep your arms warm, but when you land you have a cute tank top and sandals. And of course a pair of sunglasses, gotta protect those eyes.

This is artillery for a very long flight. For instance, if you are going overseas. A pair of leggings and a sweatshirt, not to mention a pair of slip on shoes, is the best way to stay comfortable on a long plane ride. Plus you can’t forget a couple of magazines, an eye mask and your electronic supplies. And yes, that is a gameboy color. I like to keep it vintage.

What do you wear at the airport?