It’s over between you and him. You’re both moving on, but sooner or later it’s going to happen: You’ll bump into him, maybe even more than once. Here’s how to deal with that weirdness when it happens.

Situation 1–The Group Run-in: You meet your friends at your school’s football game and, just like old times, they’re hanging out with your ex’s pals and him.

What to do: Mingle and try to have fun, but don’t seem like you are trying too hard. Act with confidence. If you’ve decided to remain fiends, then prove it. Walk up and say hello. Even though it’s hard to see your ex, you’re still with your friends and it beats hiding out at home.

What not to do: Ignoring him will never get things back to normal. Remember, he probably feels just as uncomfortable as you do. And forget about flirting with one of his friends, that always backfires.


Situation 2– Solo Sighting at Your “Special” Place: You pop into the cafe you guys always went to after a movie, and you notice him at “your” table.

What to do: While you secretly hope he’s there because he misses you, you have to keep calm. Just wave and smile if you’re really weireded out, or head over and say, “Hi.” Only sit down if he asks and you want to. But keep the visit short, so you don’t get hooked again.

What not to do: Don’t read too much into his presence there. Could it be he just needed a place to study? Running away when you spot him is a risk, he might have seen you come in and then who looks like the freak?


Situation 3–Caught With A Guy: You’re at the movies with the cutie from chem class and your ex walks in.

What to do: If you see him alone at the concession, then say, “Hi,” and you can even introduce him to you date if you think everyone would feel okay about it. Make sure you’re sensitive to your ex, he’s seeing you holding hands with someone else. Be friendly without  leaving chem-guy in the dust. Dredging up old times may convince your date that you want your ex back.

What not to do: No matter how strong the urge, definitely don’t duck, you’ve got to face the music. And don’t engage in a major makeout session to make him jealous, that’s so tacky.


Situation 4– Shock Spotting: He’s With A Girl!: You’re at the mall alone when you hear a familiar voice behind you. Ouch! It’s your ex with another girl.

What to do: Breathe and be the bigger person. If you know the girl, give them both a genuine, “Hello.” She hasn’t done anything to you. Don’t know her? Only introduce yourself if he initiates the introductions. You don’t want to look too eager.

What not to do: Don’t seem steamed, that will make him thin you’re jealous. And nix verbally attacking either of them, did someone say immature scene queen?


What do you think, Lovelies? Have you ever had to handle an awkward run in with your ex? How did you handle it?!