Turns out these celebrities aren't perfect and arehuman after all...and these wardrobe malfunction pictures are here to prove it!

1.) Selena Gomez (above) looks adorable in this pink ensemble but when she spins the dress twirls a little too high and we get a peek at what looks like granny panties!

2.) Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy has seriously ripped pants and I can't help but wonder: Is this some kind of emo boy fashion statement?

3.) The Situation isn't even really having a wardrobe malfunction, in fact this almost looks like he's dropping trou willingly...in which case this doesn't surprise me.

4.) Maybe next time Paris Hilton won't be in such a rush and will go through the designated entrance instead of crossing the chain.

5.) Ed Westwick is definitely giving the girls something to gossip about with this nip slip.

6.) Amy Adams nearly loses her skirt while dancing thanks to the Muppets co-star Jason Segal.

7.) Cher is always looking good, especially for her age, but how did she not think twice before sitting in that position with those turquoise undies?!

8.) Hayden Panettiere was smart and tried to avoid the nip slip but still got put on this wardrobe malfunction list because we can see those big nipple patches right through that shirt!

9.) Black Eyed Peas singer Fergie not only has the nip slip going on here, but also forgot zip up her pants.

10.) SJP has trouble here with her flow-y yellow dress and needs help from her SATC co-stars.

11.) Oh no! Janelle Monae's pants split on stage! Remember Janelle...crack is wack.

12.) Kourtney Kardashian picks a wedgie from her tight yellow skirt...lolz

13.) Elizabeth Banks, we know you're so skinny! But you might need to go one dress size up...

Of course the nip slips, unzipped zippers and other wardrobe malfunctions don't stop here - I just think we've all seen enough of Lindsay Lohan and Tara Reid to last a lifetime. But if you're curious, the other 87 pictures are here. 

Have you Lovelies ever had a really awful wardrobe malfunction?