According to PopEater, certain royal individuals are becoming concerned that Kate Middleton has lost too much weight and has even started smoking again in order to cope with the pre-wedding stress she has been dealing with.

Naturally this poor girl has an extreme amount of stress! The up-coming William-Kate wedding is being called the most anticipated of the year (and has been for a while). There have even been rumors that Kate has lost so many pounds (and no I don’t mean the currency…) that she has had to go out and buy an entirely new wardrobe to fit her now extremely petite figure. 

PopEater also states that even though many members of the royal family do indeed smoke, Kate has been trying to quit for a while because William hates it. 

Have any of you ever smoked a cigarette to deal with stress? I confess that a cup of coffee and a cigarette suits me well before a huge exam… I can’t say I blame Kate because I’m sure she’s more stressed than I’ve ever been.