Over the past four to five years my style and the way I dress has undergone some change. From Abercrombie to Forever 21 to Urban Outfitters to thrift stores, I can honestly say that my college self has looked back at my high school self, laughed, and thought "Really? What were you thinking with that ______?"

But nevertheless I wouldn't say that my wardrobe modification has been too drastic because there are pictures of me from junior year of college (this year, actually) wearing the same shirts I wore junior year of high school...

The above picture was taken the summer between senior year of high school and freshman year at NYU. This was when I first started to really break away from the hold Abercrombie & Fitch and Hollister had on me. I began to realize that I no longer wanted to advertise for either company and was slowly becoming more and more interested in UO and Free People. The entire ensemble above is all Urban. I still have and wear that beret.

This one's a little older, taken in 2007. The colorful, mesh tank I had bought from Jasmine Sola. I used to adore that store (until it closed that is) because they had some unique pieces and more importantly, I was never caught wearing the same outfit as another girl in my class when I had on something from Jasmine Sola. I admit that the jacket is Hollister but it's a good, standard jacket for any wardrobe. Again, I still have it.

These pictures are from our class trip senior year of high school, 2008. Once I got into NYU, I stopped caring about not only studying so hard but also kind of relaxed about what I was wearing to school. This year I wore a whole lot of sweatshirts and So Low pants. On top is entirely A&F. But in the bottom pic, the zip-up was one I absolutely loved when I first bought it from Armani Exchange. It was different from anything I'd ever seen and it tied tight at the waist.

This guy still hangs in my closet because I'm not ready to part from it, but it has not seen sunlight for some time now. In fact, it's rare to see a picture of me in a sweatshirt or hoodie during my college years.

This French Connection dress I wore to my best friend's graduation party, 2008. I wish I had a better picture of it but I guess describing it will have to do because I can't even take a picture since I don't have it here in New York (it's in NJ). It's a baby doll dress embellished on the bottom with beautiful, ornate, hand-sewn flowers and stops mid-thigh. It's shapeless but the dress is pretty short so I still felt pretty wearing it. I used to pair this dress with gold platforms.

Once I started college in September 2008, I started wearing a whole lot of dresses. Partially because I wanted to differentiate myself from the person I was in high school, and partially because once I was in New York I felt pressure to. Everyone looked so glamorous and beautiful all the time - I saw girls wearing stilettos to South Asian Culture lectures and thought, hm, I need to step up my game.

The first two dresses above are from Urban Outfitters. The first I still love and wear and the second I had to throw away because it ripped too badly to be fixed...The third dress is French Connection and the bottom dress is Betsy Johnson with a Free People belt (both were purchased on sale).

By sophomore year I really relaxed with what I was wearing. I started wearing standard jeans, usually with a blouse or a t-shirt, such as in the picture right above this text. Every now and then I'll wear a skirt or a dress and my friends always like to joke about how rare those days are. I'm also no longer serious about shopping at specific name brand stores and much prefer to hunt around thrift stores and vintage shops. I'm a big fan of Buffalo Exchange.

Even as I write this I'm wearing the pink grapefruit tee that everyone says I wear a little too often and black skinny jeans. I imagine that no matter what bar or apartment I go to later this evening, that I probably won't change this outfit and I won't get dressed up. I like to dress in what makes me comfortable and put no one else's opinion above my own.

So what do you Lovelies think of my style evolution? Have any of you had a similar experience as me?