If you could travel back in time knowing what you know now,

what would you tell yourself 5 years ago?

“I would punch myself in the face and ship my body to college,” says one of my coworkers about what she would do.

“Not listened to the older people that told me to study something I love but rather studied something that made money,” says another. “You need to get by. In order to earn money, you can’t do something you hate, but it at least has to be something you could live with.”

These are some other responses people had:

“I would’ve told myself to not have sex with that guy."

“Don’t eat that,” one girl said before laughing about the fact that she would’ve treated her body drastically different.

“Don’t settle and try to enjoy life more.”

“Take advantage of the time I have. Don’t sweat that small stuff and don’t let the bad stuff keep you down.”

Personally, I’d tell myself to buckle down and do my homework. The GPA I earned coming out of high school was a joke. I would’ve told myself to be more prepared for college and study harder too. I’d also tell myself to make better decisions about the people I was seeing. I could’ve saved a lot of time.

After conducting this research, I received a lot of education-related responses. Many were to “go back to school” or “stay in school.”

Interesting to see what you learn down the road and what decisions were best looking back now.

If you could go back in time knowing what you know now, what would you tell yourself five/ten years ago?