This is the exact opposite of my school.

Now, many of us may claim that we don’t check the male-to-female ratio statistics when selecting our colleges, that it doesn’t really matter. But let’s be honest: it can play a part in how you select the college you want to attend. It’s kind of like that game that EVERYONE annoyingly plays on College Confidential, “Chance me?” Except instead of gauging your chance at getting into a school, you’re gauging your chance at finding a potential love interest.

I go to a college that is split 40/60. Oh, how straight girls bemoan the dreaded ratio! While the divide doesn’t sound that dramatic, the issue is amplified by the fact that we have a heavy population of gay males. (“Gay until proven straight” could pretty much be our unofficial motto.) Sometimes it’s frustrating. Here’s what I’ve learned about how to deal:

First off, if you really want a hookup, you can probably get a hookup–it’s called a typical college party and heavy quantities of Bacardi 151. Now that we’ve got that settled, we can move on.

Lasting relationships are much trickier. I think the best advice that I have is that things happen as they happen. It does you no good to consume yourself with thoughts about how you can’t get a boyfriend. It’s the girls who actively make it their mission to snag a man that usually end up the least satisfied. Desperation isn’t attractive. People who let things happen…things usually end up okay.

Just don’t freak out about it–this isn’t the 50s! You aren’t in school to get your M.R.S. degree (at least, I hope). College is supposed to be more about personal exploration. Yeah, this sounds like something that Seventeen told you to placate you for being single in middle school, but there’s truth in it. Even if it sucks a lot to hear. You can always work on yourself. Embrace the situation! Make new friends!

Okay. I know, I know. You want practical advice.

Well, depending on how bad your situation is, I’ve heard some people have had decent amounts of success going to local bars and clubs in the area and meeting up with students from other colleges in town. Your dating pool isn’t necessarily limited to your own school. I know finding potential love interests can be particularly tough for LGBT folk, so if you’re so inclined, join a social networking site specifically towards that purpose. No shame. That’s where one of my high school BFFs met his boyfriend…

Do you go to a school with a skewed gender ratio? Is it something you mind?