Why do we love Nutella? Aside from the fact that it goes well on just about anything (Ever made a Nutella pita? I have!), we love its sugary, chocolate-y goodness. Unfortunately, Nutella doesn't love us back. Its high sugar content and artificial ingredients can do a number on our waistlines.

Enter Rawtella: Nutella's healthier, vegan counterpart.

Although it is not made by the same company as Nutella, it's clear that Rawtella is trying to mirror everyone's favorite chocolate hazelnut spread (Even the labels look similar.)

Rawtella is made of three ingredients: organic cocoa, coconut sugar crystals, and organic hazelnuts. It is significantly lower in carbohydrates (7g vs. 22g per serving) and sodium (0mg vs. 15mg per serving) making it a much healthier Nutella alternative.

As much as I support eating healthy, organic foods, I'm hesitant to trade in my beloved Nutella. Plus, at $15 a jar, it's not easy on the wallet (especially if you're like me and go through 2 jars a month...)

What do you think? Would you be willing to try a healthier version of Nutella?