All you have to do to get involved in Operation Beautiful is make little encouraging notes that say whatever you want them to say, write the link to the website,, somewhere on it, and post it anywhere (ex: mirror in the bathroom, etc).

I've been having so much fun posting these notes around my school, and a couple of other people have also been posting notes.

If you take a picture of the note and send it in to Caitlin she will post it on the website, along with whatever message you want to send along with it. What would be really cool is seeing a note that you posted somewhere showing up on the site with a story from someone else who found it.

Realize that a lot of people probably just walk by the note and don't care but it could very well make a difference to one person and that one person is worth it. Here are some examples of a few notes that I've posted on my own:

If you want to find out more, you can visit the website!

What do you Lovelies think? Will you be a part of Operation Beautiful? I love this and hope that more of you will get involved!