Every now and then, I meet a girl who claims to hate her own kind. Even though it’s pretty common to prefer the company of males to the friendship of females, a red flag goes up whenever I meet someone who takes that preference to the next level by demonstrating an inability to even get along with other girls.

She has plenty of male friends, but not a single female BFF. She’s never belonged or been affiliated with a group of girls for more than a couple months at a time. At a party, she’ll make small talk with other girls but will eventually end the evening surrounded by a whole group of guys. She prides herself on being “one of the boys,” complaining that girls are catty, fake, petty, shallow and moody. She says that guys are more trustworthy and less judgmental than girls. Girls aren’t fun to hang out with because they can’t relax, whereas guys are chill and down for anything.

It doesn’t really matter how someone else conducts her social life, but when a female friend tells me flat-out that she doesn’t like girls, it makes me wonder why she’s even talking to me since I am one. What’s she trying to prove, that I should be honored because she’s making an exception for me? I’ve heard plenty of reasons why someone might not be able to make female friends, and it’s usually along the lines of “other girls are jealous of me,” “they don’t get me,” or “we have different interests.” The first two reasons are BS. I don’t get jealous on someone who misses out on the beauty of female friendship. And of course they don’t get you if you don’t give them a chance in the first place. As far as having different interests go, I don’t know any field that NO girls are interested in. A lot of us love shopping, makeovers, and Gossip Girl. An equal number of us love sports, cooking and crafts. Some girls are into nightlife, some are more domestic. Some like watching The Real Housewives, others enjoy Fringe.

All in all, I just can’t stand being looked down on by people who don’t know what they’re talking about. It’s ridiculous to assume that you’re better than me, because I surround myself with female company, when you yourself are female.

Does it bother you when women profess to hate other women?