I recently wrote a post that received some fun feedback and some feedback that said I was "woman bashing" and etc... I showed my husband some of the feedback, including the negative ones. We were actually laughing about it when I asked him, "Am I a woman hater?" and he replied, "Honey...all women are women haters."

It irked me a little and I raised my eyebrows defensively but he went on: "You cannot show me one girl who has not talked bad about another. Not one." 

I said, "Oh please, men talk about about each other too." 

His reponse: "Yes, but not like a woman."

What do you think? Is the world of women just full of hate and backstabbing? I'd like to think not but maybe he does have a point. In my previous post, I mentioned some actresses who made movies unenjoyable for me. In my opinion, simply stating that I don't like someone isn't bashing them. Tearing their looks, talent or personalities apart is what I consider bashing...maybe, not? Is the reason we bash simply because we don't see that we're trashing them? I actually think that that is not the case.

What do you consider bashing and do you think most women do it, or is there a good majority of those who have better things to talk about than each other? And, if this is the case, what can we do to stop it because it is so ugly? I'm perfectly aware that this seems like stereotyping, but as a whole, I know way more women that bash than don't (I've lived in 8 states and met a lot of people, so don't tell me I need get out more or make more friends).

PS - My last post is not what I'm trying to focus on, so please no arguing about that.