Should you ask a man out, or wait for him to ask you?
Some people say go for it; others think that if you have to be the one with the cojones to do the asking, the guy deep down isn't too interested in a romantic future with you.

The different opinions usually spell out like this:

Camp 1: Sure, you can ask a guy out! This is 2011, not 1950.

Girls don't have to curtsy and bake bundt cakes and be resigned to a life as a housewife anymore, so of course we can ask guys out! Sometimes men are shy or nervous, so it's fine if you make the first move. Just because he's not doing the traditional machismo act and asking you out doesn't mean he doesn't want to go out with you.

Camp 2: It might sound old-fashioned, but you really should wait for a dude to ask YOU out. These are modern times, but still, men are "hunters" and like to do the legwork and chase a girl they're into. If he really likes you, he will WANT to do the work and ask you out. It might be hard to sit back and do nothing when you have a crush, but it's for the best if you wait for them to make the first move.

Which side are you on? Or, do you take a middle ground?