This month, a new dating website is popping up in the midst of the Ashley Madisons and OkCupids of online matchmaking: The premise? Find a partner who looks like you, then date him or her.

Using face-recognition technology, will allow you to find other users on the site who look like you based on nine facial points of similarity. Once you discover your doppelgangers, you can pick from the crop based on typical dating website fare, like personal values and hobbies.

The founder, Christina Bloom, came up with the idea for this website after people kept telling her that she and her ex-husband "looked like brother and sister." (I don't know about you, but someone saying that would just give me the willies, not an idea for a new business venture.)

Though facial resemblance may actually be a real phenomenon in relationships, I don't know if I'd want to actively seek out someone who looks like me. I'm kind of anticipating someone unknowingly finding--and dating!--their long-lost brother or sister because of this website. Of course my mind goes to the worst possible scenario, but still...ew. I worry about this stuff.

What do you think about this website? Would you mind dating someone who looks like you--or is that too creepy?