A while ago I saw a blog about how your clothes can affect how people perceive you, especially in the workplace.

The comments got me thinking about how the way I dress and my dreams to own my own pet photography studio.

Now, I know that my style doesn't exactly fit in with how people in that profession normally wear. I'm not saying I dress like an over the top "goth" (no studded or chained anything over here...), but my style is rather edgy for the culture I want to work in.

I'm pretty sure if a pet owner walked into my shop and saw how I dress, they would be quick to judge and walk right back out the front door. I've tried to work at kennels before and have gotten some "looks," if you catch my drift, because of my black nail polish or heavy eyeliner. 

Would you guys question an individual's business just because they didn't dress what most people would call "professional"? Would you bring your pets to somebody who dressed a little edgier or somebody who dressed "preppy" or "country"?