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Earlier, we asked you whether or not you should shave your legs. But, as we saw, even thinking about shaving our legs can be a bothersome process. But what if someone invented an automatic shaver that could shave our legs in just seconds? Well, no one has come up with that (yet) - but someone DID come up with an automatic shaver... for your head.

Meet the modern electric shaver, the "shaving helmet!"

In just 20 seconds, you can go from a head full of hair to well, no hair. This "shaving helmet" is invented by a Brooklyn resident, Boris, where he created a helmet that includes two motors, cool LED lights (wow, turn off the lights, and you have an instant rave!), and a shaving cream system to soothe your head after you're done.

By the way, it actually works! Don't believe us? View the video below as Boris tests it out on a REAL HUMAN (or we hope it's a real human).

Now, if he could invent an electric tweezer for us gals... Okay, maybe not.

Any takers?