This is a problem I encounter on a regular basis; one would think I would have gotten used to it by now, but it still has an effect on me.

While I was ranting about something that had made me very angry yesterday, my friend who was listening was teasing me about how angry I was getting. My other friend laughed and proceeded to reenact the conversation I had with her when I was ranting to her yesterday. All this did was make me even angrier.

When something really has me upset, I apparently just cannot be taken seriously. And you know why? It's because of the way I look and sound.

So many times I want to just shout at everyone, "Just because I'm short and my voice sounds younger than I am and I try to maintain a cheery attitude when I can does not give anyone the right to take me any less seriously than someone tall with a mature voice."

But all that would get me is a laugh and an apology. I am a smart cookie and pretty mature for my age, but because I look and sound young, that is how I am treated.

Does anyone (tall, short, babyfaced, mature-voiced, anyone) else have issues like these with friends and acquaintances?