Turns out the Superbowl isn't the only big football news this week in the NFL. Eliza Kruger, a Connecticut high school student, hooked up with Jets star quarterback Mark Sanchez at his New Jersey home. 

They supposedly met at a club in Manhattan and started texting after that night on New Years Eve.

New York Post provided the full scoop in the issue, of the 17-year-old "hooking up" with the Sanchez, 24.  She bragged about her big night on Facebook posting a status that said "MARK F--ING SANCHEZ!" and took photos of his mangled bed sheets afterward. 

So everyone in America is thinking: "That's illegal!" Eliza told reporters that the age of sexual consent is 16 in New Jersey (where they hooked up) and 17 in New York. She did her research well before the incident.

Her parents are trying not to answer many questions and make sure that the situation is cleared up soon.  And rightfully so.  I don't think many parents would like to publicly argue the right for their teen daughter to be hooking up with someone 7 years their senior.

Is Eliza Kruger innocent in this situation? If she is of age, why is this all over the media?