Christmas shouldn't be the only holiday to have "stocking stuffers!" While we may flourish our significant others with flowers, chocolates, and diamonds (oh, lucky you!), we can also appreciate the gift of giving some awesome Valentine's Day gift "stuffers!" (Psst, these are all under $15, too!).

1. Giant Gummi Bear (on a stick), $12.00
Think your honey is sweet? Take a lick of this giant gummi bear, and you may discover a new love!

This uber humongous gummi bear is "88 times bigger" than the average gummi bear candy (it stands 8" tall and weights half a pound - yowza!). The good thing about this gift is that we're sure that your sweetie won't be able to finish it all. Score for the both of you!


2.  Cupcake Soaps (set of 3), $11.95
Want your significant other smelling sweet and fresh? These mini cupcake soaps are ideal for that! These cupcakes don't melt in your mouth, rather they melt on your skin - you can have your darling slather up some cupcake suds for the ultimate "foam party."


3. Lover T-Shirts, $14.00
While some people are celebrating "Singles Awareness Day," you and your hunbuns can (somewhat) join in on the fun, even if it means having the possibility of pissing a few people off! Threadless is a great place to shop for "lover t-shirts" (matching t-shirts for couples), and this one shown here never, never gets old! IT IS OKAY to show off your love (just please don't do it everyday).

4. 8-Bit Flowers, $14.99
Forget singing to Black Eyed Peas' song, "Dirty Bit," and 24-bit (True colour) pixelation. It's all about going old-school and vintage (for now anyway). Guys, if you're thinking of flowers or even fake ones, you should definitely consider this bouquet first. First of all, your girl wouldn't even need to water these flowers, and this bouquet includes a stand so that your girl can display your affection at work proudly!

5. Happy Cloud Cell Phone Charm, $5.00
Ever wish you want to retain that Cloud-9 feeling with your lover? Well, no need to look further. You can be reminded of your lover when you see this "happy cloud" charm hanging from your cell. Come on, it's easy and immediate to get some of that fuzzy feeling!

See, Lovelies (and guys), you don't need to spend that much to show your affection! Let's all hop onto this wagon of cuteness and budget-savingness! Happy shopping!

Which ones were your favs?