So I've realized that a lot of my blogs lately have had some negative connotations.  Basically, I realized that I complain too much.  SO I decided to do a switch.  I am going to share some random things that I absolutely love and can't get enough of. 

1)  Wonka Bars:  These things are addictive.  I'm not a humongous chocolate eater, but I will buy one of these every day if I could.  Just look at the package!  It's very hard to resist these things when I walk past them at the grocery store.  Especially the dark chocolate one.  Not to mention, every time I look at these, I think about Tim Burton making Johnny Depp into a compulsive weirdo-genius with a purple suit and top-hat. 


2)  The E-Trade Commercials:  Especially the one from the referenced picture.  I now go around and say, "Wanna see my shocked face?" when a stupid situation pops up in my life.  I don't know what it is about that baby, but I laugh every time I see those commercials.  Maybe it's because he's a smartass like me?  I don't know.  But I love that little baby with a grown man voice. 

3)  Judge Judy and The People's Court:  They're two totally different personalities, and yet, I absolutely love them both!  Judge Judy's no nonsense, don't mess with me attitude is funny when I see the people's faces after they piss her off.  It's like a deer in headlights.  On the other hand, Judge Milian has more of a heart, and her diplomatic way of balancing the facts with morality and feelings appeals to my hippie side.   

4)  Peep-toe heels:  I can't really find a good pair of heels with an acceptable closed toe any more.  They're either pointed or they're round.  Pointed toes aren't really all that comfy for me, and round toed shoes sometimes look ... juvenile.  The peep-toe is like a great compromise.  They're not too formal.  Not too informal.  They're just right, and go with damn near everything!  Kudos to the person who discovered the peep toe!

5)  The iPhone 4:  I hate that AT&T doesn't offer unlimited data plans, because I tend to check my e-mails and networking sites a lot, but I absolutely love my phone.  I mean, I can be on the internet AND be on a phone call at the same time!!!  And I can video chat... From my PHONE!  Not to mention that I can take pictures of some of the crazy things I see and post them on Twitter/Facebook immediately!  (Living in Vegas, you see some CRAZY stuff, too.) Sometimes it tends to become a hassle when it isn't acting right, but the small inconveniences are totally worth it.  I swear I would go crazy if I had to downgrade phones for some reason.

6)  Caress Evenly Gorgeous Body Wash:  This stuff smells amazing.  A lot of body washes that try to smell sweet end up smelling too sweet.  This stuff is just the right balance.  I can't pinpoint exactly what it smells like, but whatever it is, it's wonderful.  It makes me want to stay in the shower all day.  Honestly, I don't even pay attention to the exfoliating and all that stuff.  I just love the way it smells.

7)  Mary Kay Eye Makeup Remover:  This is my saving grace, especially after a photo shoot. I don't have to scrub my eyes super hard to get all my eye makeup off.  I just wipe and all that make up is gone.  It doesn't burn my eyes, either, which is great.


8)  Panda Express:  Yes, I know it's not REAL Chinese food.  Real "orange" chicken doesn't taste anything like the orange chicken that comes out of Panda Express, but I love it!  It's quick, convenient and tastes yummy.  It's not all that healthy, but that's alright.  I don't eat it every day, no matter how much I wouldn't mind doing so.  I can't ever finish a full to-go box, which is also good because I can just save some for later! 

9)  Reggae Music: No matter how many times I listen to it, I can listen to Bob Marley's Three Little Birds all day.  (Think "I Am Legend" only... I was doing that long before the movie came out.)  Not just Mr. Marley, but any reggae and dancehall music in general tends to put me into one of two moods: very happy or very contemplative.  I mean, if I can't make it to Jamaica physically, I can always just pop in some reggae music and imagine I am there.    

10)  Dhani Jones: Yeah... The picture is pretty self explanatory with this one...

What random things do you like, Lovelies?