I don’t have tattoos myself, but I’ve been researching them (check out the video of me testing temporary tattoos here!), and one thing that I’ve been reading about are the places you can get tattooed that will REALLY make you squirm with pain.

Check out these 10 locations that tattoo professionals say are the most painful spots to get your ink.

Behind the ear – A back of ear/neck tattoo is supposed to smart like a mother, due to the thin skin.

Anywhere around the eye – Eyelid tattoos are obviously etched into a delicate location, and these days you can even get tattoos on your EYEBALL. Owies.

Lip – There’s no fatty tissue on your inner lip to cushion the pain.

Foot – Since there’s hardly any muscle tissue on your foot, the pain is augmented, and some tattoo artists won’t even do tattoos here. Also, it takes 2-3 weeks to fully heal.

Neck – Ink here also takes a long time to heal, because you’re constantly moving your neck.

Rib cage – You’re basically getting tattooed on the bone. Yikes!

Knee area – The skin on top of or behind your knee provides little cushioning for that needle.

Bikini area – Obvi!

Ankle – Hitting all that bone, and maybe your Achilles tendon, makes for a tender experience.

Spine – With all those nerves and your knobby spinal cord, this is one of the most painful places to get inked.

So, Lovelies, do you have tattoos in any of these places, and did they hurt? Which of your tattoos hurt the most?