Tired of Facebook? Check out these websites for specific, up-to-the-minute dirt on your college’s campus (like you need another time-wasting addiction).

CollegeACB (Anonymous Confession Board)

If you thought that petty gossip was a thing of high school past, you probably haven’t delved into the world of college gossip websites. Like its too-hot-to-handle predecessor Juicy Campus (literally, the site got shut down), CollegeACB focuses primarily on student-led forums, delving into juicy topics with no-holds-barred snark and just plain bitchiness. Topics range from “Hottest Freshman” to “What do you think about [insert name, band, couple here]?” to debates about circumcision (I know, I was shocked too). And when you go to a small liberal arts college like mine, this shiz can get really personal because everyone basically knows everyone else.

Like A Little

A Craigslist’s Missed Connections for college students, Like A Little is essentially a flirting website. But unlike on Craigslist, your chances of finding that cute brunette you locked eyes with in the dining hall are a little bit greater since every page is campus-specific. Plus, it’s fun to read with a little bit of optimism that maybe you’re the one some anonymous poster is writing about. This site can be both uplifting and hopelessly cute, which you may definitely need after reading CollegeACB.


If you’re bored of penis after penis on Chatroulette, try CollegeOnly. You can video chat with other random college students for actual conversation (well, maybe). The site also functions as a social networking site, though it differs from the big man–aka Facebook–because, like the name suggests, it’s for college students only. You can also connect in more anonymous ways, including pages specifically devoted to topics like post-party gossip.

College Wall of Shame

Even if your school isn’t listed on the College Wall of Shame (yet), who doesn’t love looking at pictures of college students make fools of themselves? And if your school is listed, well, that’s even better. You’ll find the typical frat-boy shenanigans and drunken Four Loko-loving party guys and gals heavily represented, complete with largely sarcastic commentary. If your lucky, it may give you a good laugh at what that douchebag in your chemistry class really does on the weekends…


In my experience, the best stuff you’re going to find is through your school’s alternative media. CollegeBlender is a good resource for finding campus blogs and up-to-the-minute news about your school. Just search for you campus and look under the “Blogs” header. Or just ask around at your school. You might be surprised at what you find (Stuff Tufts People Like, anyone)? 

Do you visit any of these websites? Where do you go for your campus gossip fix?