Jill Zarin with daughter Ally

Following the success of her Bed, Bath, and Beyond bedding line, Jill Zarin of the Real Housewives of New York recently announced her plans to release her own line of shapewear--but with a twist. Unlike most body shaper lines, which generally target middle-aged women, Zarin plans on selling her "Squeezwear" to men, older women, and young girls.

She promises that "every young girl is going to want to wear" her Skweez Couture body shapers. But I sincerely hope that body shapers do not become the next big thing among the younger set. Not only is the name for her new line awful (it's just one 'w' away from 'skeez'), I think the concept of Spanx for young girls is detrimental.

Growing up is a pretty brutal experience, especially if you feel like you don't measure up to how you "should" look. Releasing shapewear specifically for young girls sends the message that young girls are not shaped up 'properly' (a.k.a. skinny) and should want to be that way. I can honestly see overbearing mothers across the country 'politely' telling their daughters that they might benefit a little bit from putting on some Squeezwear underneath their clothes. That would totally shatter me!

What do you think about shapewear for young girls?