Denim is the common denominator of casual fashion. Find the right pair and you can wear it with nearly anything. But some jeans should never have been created in the first place.


1) The Gem-Encrusted Jean

Can you say unflattering? And the placement of the gems seem weird on both legs. This looks like a kindergarten arts-and-craft project gone bad.

2) The Thong Jean

Outfits don't look good when people let their thongs creep up above their low-rise jeans. Trying to make it easier for people to replicate that look just makes me sad.

3) "The Rhinestones Are Going to Eat Your Leg" Jean

It's as if the glitter and rhinestones are taking on a life of their own. They couldn't be content with covering the back pockets, so they had to start going at the leg too.

4) The Floral Cat Jean

At first, I debated whether or not these jeans belonged in the "quirky" or the "WTF" category, but then I noticed the horrible placement of the basket of kittens--right on the crotch. Uh...that's a little weird.

5) The "Pick A Length And Stick With It" Jean

Seriously? I really want to believe this a joke.

Okay, Lovelies--let's vote! Which pair do you think is the most horrendous?