Last night, Anderson Cooper debuted a new pair of glasses while preparing to host his live New Year’s Eve show with Kathy Griffin. Like us, Kathy was stunned by his new look.

I love how you clearly got the nerdiest glasses you could because you think you’re so gorgeous and hot, that you just have to take it down a few notches for America.
— Kathy Griffin to Anderson Cooper

Since the Silver Fox is getting along in years, he presumably needs glasses and isn’t wearing them just to look trendy. As anyone who has ever needed glasses (or who has ever watched Superman) knows, this simple accessory can render you unrecognizable. You can go from looking like yourself, into looking like a geek, a fashionista, a grandma, or a poser. Anderson might look like a (cute) nerd, but how about these other celebrities?

Lindsay Lohan jumps on the hipster bandwagon.

Megan Fox is rocking the seductive secretary look (above the neck, that is). She’s been photographed several times wearing glasses, so I’ll bet she actually needs a prescription.

Snooki, apparently trying to look smart. When has she ever been taped or pictured with glasses aside from this one set of photos?

Lauren Conrad. Tortoise shell patterns are a classic and she wears hers very well.

Justin Timberlake in his “serious actor” outfit. These glasses were his favorite accessory while promoting The Social Network earlier this year.

Katy Perry. Although I wouldn’t wear these glasses, they fit her cute pinup girl persona perfectly.

Joe Jonas. Uh, no. These do not flatter his eyebrows.

Leighton Meester, who looks chic in just about anything, including these slim spectacles. 

Demi Lovato. No complaints here, but how do her long eyelashes not scrape against her glasses? I can never wear glasses and mascara at the same time.

Justin Bieber, wearing glasses that look like they came free with a box of cereal. He’s a kid, so I’ll forgive the fashion faux pas. The memoir, on the other hand….

Do you look better in glasses or without them? Does it bother you when celebrities (or well, even regular people) wear non-prescription glasses?