I feel like this is a topic some people have more experience with than others, but that all of us at some point have dealt with. Having a secret life isn't just something for American Teenagers (sorry I couldn't help myself).


Mine was simple. I'd been blogging on Xanga for years, terrified, of course, that someone I knew would find my blog. I would clear my internet history and creep on every friend request I got, before inevitably denying it. I was embarrassed to be associated with a child of the nineties, no offense Xanga. Now, though, since finding Lovelyish and starting to write for it, along with the other sites here like Healthkicker, and Datingish to name a few, I'm sending links to people, I'm liking articles, all that jazz.

But thinking about my time keeping my guilty pleasure a guilty secret, I realized there are people who have much more serious secret lives. People who are in the closet from their friends and family, people who are keeping a secret like an eating disorder, a serious illness, abuse, or familial or financial issues.

Have you ever kept a secret from those around you? How did you cope with it?