Most people assume that attractive people have it easier, but last month's issue of PsychologyToday mentioned that beautiful woman are likely to be negatively discriminated for their good looks.

"Most of us assume that the beautiful people have it made--that being attractive gives you advantages across the board. ...We perceive them to be warmer, kinder, smarter, funnier, and more honest simply because they are easy on the eyes," Heidi Grant Halvorson says in the accompanying feature, "Can You Be Too Beautiful?"


"But recent research has shown how the advantages of looking hot don't always translate in to successes. In fact, being good-looking can cost you opportunities --jobs, scholarships, promotions--depending on the gender and attractiveness of your evaluator."

To study how different genders treat beautiful people, she set up an experiment where she found that "attractive applicants for a graduate scholarship received more favorable ratings from opposite sex raters, but not from same sex raters. Men were unimpressed by a male applicant's handsomeness, but women actually penalized female applicants for beauty."

Although we assume the pretty people get everything, in some places or at some moments, their beauty can often get in the way of their happiness. The idea of beauty amongst the same sex goes far beyond just the rooms of the internet. Even the professionals can resort to jealousy of another's looks.

Do beautiful people have a harder time in life? What are your thoughts on studies like this, and on how even professionals can hold a minor grudge against those who make them feel less beautiful?