Yeah... That's Crystal Renn!

A couple months ago, Lovelyish published a post regarding Crystal Renn getting mad for having her photos photoshopped to be thinner than she really is. Well, it seems the controversy of Photoshopping continues on.

Crystal Renn is featured on the latest magazine, titled Paper Planes. The black and white photos of Crystal Renn provide a vintage yet elegant feel to the spread, but I can't help but notice that there are a few photos that don't even look like the beautiful model!

Can we say a "Photoshop Disaster" is amongst us? The photo on your left, titled "Not Photoshopped" or at least not AS photoshopped, shows Crystal with curves while the photo on the right shows Crystal in a very slimmed down figure. And yes, these two photos are in the same magazine photoshoot, and I don't think those jeans can slim THAT much off.

Having been criticized for her "yo-yoing" weight, maybe it's really not that she's "dieting," maybe the blame should be put on what the magazines are portraying with the help of Photoshopping.

Do you think that plus-sized models should be photoshopped to be thinner? What's your take on this continuing issue, Lovelies?

Images via FashionGoneRogue