You guys may not like that Nicki Minaj is dressing up like “Lady Gaga” but let’s face it, she must be doing something RIGHT if she’s getting this much attention for her outfits than for her music.

Nicki Minaj, dawned as the “Black Lady Gaga” at times, was seen wearing this champagne-coloured body suit which resembles the one that Britney Spears wore back in the VMAS. The getup was worn not for a performance (not on stage at least) but for her 26th birthday.




Miss Nicki celebrated at the TAO nightclub in Las Vegas earlier this week. Celebs like Cassie and Amber Rose showed up to support the rapper but these two were quite overdressed (for once, right?)!

Even though the body suit seemed revealing (as the colour represents nudity), at least her lady bits were covered accordingly!

What do you think of Nicki’s “birthday suit?” Appropriate or appalling?