American Apparel is famous for their hyper-sexual advertisements. Nearly naked girls? Check. Sex hair? Check. Cheesy porn poses? Check. Now founder, CEO Dov Charney is taking a bit of a departure from his typical advertising fare with the introduction of illustrated ads.

Like traditional American Apparel advertisements, these images involve depictions of, say, women wearing assless hosiery. Unlike traditional American Apparel ads, however, these images seem to be looser with the nudity. Looser as in showing nipples and pubic hair. The below advertisement, the most controversial of the bunch, recently appeared in Vice magazine.

I don’t know if I’d go so far as to say that these new ads are classy, but they do feel a tad more artistic than American Apparel’s usual advertisements.

Do you think the new American Apparel ads are crass–or are the illustrated drawings less awkward and more tasteful than AA’s typical images of real, writhing women?