Who knows how people on the Interwebs got this information (and how accurate it is), but these are the rumored cup sizes for some lovely Hollywood ta-ta’s.

Jennifer Aniston reportedly wears a 34B. (above)

As Jessica Simpson‘s dad famously raved, the pop star sports 34DD’s.

Kate Moss is a petite 32A.

32DD does it for Kim Kardashian.

Paris Hilton reportedly wears a size 34B.

Angelina Jolie has stated she’s a 36C, although they boosted her bustline to a D-cup with padding for the bouncy Lara Croft movies.

Post plastic surgery rampage, Heidi Montag is currently a 34H.

Lady Gaga‘s bra size is supposedly a 34B.

Alexis Bledel clocks in at 34A.

Luscious Salma Hayek is rumored to be a 36C.

Audrey Hepburn wore a 34A bra, which was considered ideal back in the days of gamine chic.

Here’s one straight from the lady herself: Katy Perry says on camera that she’s a 32D: