Yesterday, I got a glimpse of what's coming from Urban Decay for Spring/Summer 2011. I only have images that I took myself so they aren't the best, so I'll just highlight the most exciting parts of the upcoming collections.

Urban Lash Mascara for False Lashes

I love the fact that UD has really listened to the trends and made a product to complement them, rather than just shovelling out some more false lashes. The water based mascara is slick, blackest black and perfect for those who have fair lashes that show up against falsies. If you prefer to add your eyeshadow after you've applied your false lashes (and those of use with extensions have no choice in the matter!) the mascara is black enough to hide any fallout. It's also good for lash extensions - I gave it a go over mine and it did make them look even darker and thicker. It will retail for £12.