I read this post on Xanga recently (here) about a woman who walked into a bar and everyone stared at her. The men lustfully, and the girls stared at her with daggers of hatred shooting from their eyes.

She wondered why these women were so jealous of her.

Well, there is no mystery there.

Obviously those women are jealous because you accomplished in one second what it probably took them hours to do: get a guy’s attention. And what’s more, you got ALL THE GUY’S ATTENTION.

What do women worry over, obsess over, work to perfect every second of the day, spend thousands of bucks a year on?

Their looks.

And most women don’t think they are attractive and/or at least have some minor body image issues.

So when an amazing girl walks in, and ALL the men stare at her, the women are thinking about how that definitely did not happen to them when they walked in, and how for the whole damn night those men, who those women probably tried so hard to get ONE guy to notice them, will be gawking at you and not them. So basically you have just ruined every woman’s whole night.  They may as well pack up and leave because the guys are probably just going to be thinking about you all night, and then in the woman’s head, if the guy does start back talking to her, she will think that she is the second choice. Since he can’t have you, he will settle for the next best thing.

And that’s why you feel that wave of hot hatred on your back. They are trying to paralyze you…or trying to make you explode with the power of their minds.

She asked why are people so affected by others and how can the appearance of a stranger disrupt someone so much.

Well, look what happened. If the guy you liked was staring at some goddess, would that make you feel great? I doubt it.

I know because I’ve been there. I have serious body image issues and I live in pretty girl central so I feel like a mud creature about 5 times a day. Which means I feel defeated and ugly and want to crawl under the covers and never come out at least 5 times a day.

It’s nothing personal (okay, maybe it’s a little personal), but it’s one thing to look at pretty women and celebs in a magazine, it’s a whole other ordeal to actually have a gorgeous woman three feet away from you. As a woman who has been where those women were, it’s kind of like there is no point in even trying. No positive thoughts, no confidence, no going in the restroom and touching up their makeup is going to make those guys look at them again. And for the rest of the night those women are going to compare themselves to you, and they are probably going to go home and cry/obsess even more about their looks.

So that pretty much explains the jealousy.

Do you ever get jealous?