I’ve always admired the short-haired look on girls – I think it looks fresh, sophisticated, bold, and confident. It was my assumption for a long time that guys felt more or less the same way.

Well, as it turns out, they don’t. At least, not according to my close male friend. 

  Let’s call him Chuck.


Chuck informed me of this enlightening piece of news during a conversation we had one night over a picture of a short-haired Winona Ryder. We were both looking at her for some reason, and I made a comment about how terrific I thought she looked with her short hair.  “It really suits her,” I said.

“Eh,” was his unenthusiastic response, which he then followed with the startling statement “no girl is going to look good with hair that short.”

I looked at him like he was crazy, said as much, and we had ourselves a little debate.

And that is when he said this: “I guarantee you that almost all heterosexual guys will always find a girl to be 70% hotter with longer hair than if she had really short hair.” He thought for a bit, and added, “I would say all guys, but some guys are crazy and busy drinking anti-freeze, so I don’t know what they think.”

I was skeptical. I rolled my eyes at him. “Maybe it’s just you,” I said.

“Go ahead,” he said, smirking with an air of smug confidence. “Ask around if you don’t believe me.”

So I did. And much to my chagrin, every single guy I asked said he preferred long hair over very short hair on a girl.  One guy, upon looking at a picture of the newly short-haired Emma Watson, said, “Wow. And I used to think she was hot.”

Isn’t she still just as hot?

I returned to Chuck, disturbed. Somewhat deflated. “Why do guys not like girls with short hair?” I asked. “It’s a unique look, and I think it’s elegant looking.”

“Because they looka like ah man,” he said in an Italian accent, for some reason.

Seeing the expression on my face, he continued explaining. “Look – having really short hair is more masculine looking. So we see a girl with really short hair walk down the street  and we’re going to think she’s not very attractive. Possibly lesbian.”

He went online and pointed to a picture:

“If there wasn’t slight boobage here, I wouldn’t be able to tell if she were a lesbian, or a snazzily dressed 13 year old boy. Justin Beiber has a longer haircut than that, and he is a thirteen year old boy,” he said.

I pondered all this for awhile, and then asked him one more time if guys really, honestly thought this about all girls.

“Very, very rarely does a very short haircut make a girl look more attractive to guys,” he said. “There are some girls who can actually pull it off. Maybe one to three percent of the female population,” he said seriously.

He saw my look of disdain, and shrugged. “Guys are simple,” he said matter-of-factly. “They simply like looking at pretty long hair.”

What do you guys think about really short hair on girls? (And when I say “guys, I mean guys and girls)

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