Teen favorite Seventeen magazine is celebrating 65 years of being on the scene. On their website, they feature some of their best covers throughout the years. You will really enjoy looking through some of these covers, especially, if you like vintage photographs, photography, or fashion! Check out some of them below!

1944 (above)


1951-Teddy Ayer

1954- Sandy Brown

1958- Rita Egan

1964- Colleen Corby

1967- Twiggy

1971- Bonnie Lyshoir and Joyce Wilford

1978 - Brooke Shields

1984 - Diane Lane

1988- Mila Jovovich

1990- Cameron Diaz

1993 - Niki and Krissy Taylor

1995 - Alicia Silverstone

2000 - Christina Aguilera

There were many more great covers! Going through some covers from the 90's-early 2000's was a nostalgic experience; they definitely brought me back to my N'SYNC days.

Did you enjoy these covers? Did they bring back any memories? Do you have a favorite? Share your thoughts!