As a huge "Gleek," I was excited when I first about a "Glee"-themed clothing line at Macy's.  I just love the styling on that show and how all the characters have such unique looks that really showcase their personalities.

I imagined a "Glee" clothing line that captured the styles found on the show: girly sundresses and skirts similar to those Emma and (non-Cheerio) Quinn wear, Rachel's quirky cardigans, bright tops and bold accessories inspired by Mercedes, Tina's dramatic goth outfits, and maybe even a Sue Sylvester track jacket.



The line launched back in August, but I had forgotten all about it until saw some of the clothes posted on Shine.  I quickly headed over to Macy's website to check out all the clothes in the collection--and once I saw them, all the excitement I'd had earlier went out the window.

Instead the character-inspired fashions I had envisioned, the "Glee" collection at Macy's instead consists solely of t-shirts and hoodies inscribed with the show’s logo. It all reminded me of something you might buy at the merchandise table at a concert instead of in the same store that sells designer clothing. 

You can view all the items on Macy's website, but here are just a few:

The disappointment of this collection not being what I anticipated kind of ruined it for me, so I know I won't be buying any of it.  What do the rest of you "Gleeks" out there think?  Would you wear anything from this line?