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Taylor Swift’s Hair: Better Straight!

So it’s pretty common that girls with curly hair want straight hair and girls with straight hair want curly hair.  Ever since my hair grew back out, I’ve been curling it every morning. I’ve given up on the whole digi perm since it doesn’t give me the curls/waves I want so I just get up […]

Lovelyish Dish: I Beat My Eating Disorder

I’ve been meaning to share this story with the Lovelyish community for a while now, but reading the recent post “The Truth About Size Zero” really gave me the extra kick to get my message out there to everyone. I suffered from poor self image for most of my life, but in tenth grade it really […]

Beyonce’s New Documentary is Super Amazing

My friends and I, recovering from a turkey-induced food coma, were idling from one TV show to another – Man v.s. Food, Casino Royale, Rock of Love – when we hit upon ABC, where they were showing I Am…World Tour, a documentary directed, produced, and edited by Beyonce. I expected that after a few minutes, […]

Apparently NYC Cab Drivers Want to Wear Tube Tops

[If they all looked like this, I’d have no problem with it!!] Due to the difficulty of enforcing taxi driver dress code, the code has been changed.

My Chanel Makeup Haul

 The Chanel makeup artist (or MUA) offered to do a makeover on me.

Fab or Drab: Stockholm’s “Spring/Summer” Issue

Stockholm magazine is taking the bohemian look to a whole new level in their photoshoot for the Spring 2011 issue, entitled “Spring/Summer.” In addition to showcasing prints and diaphanous tops, Stockholm also shows us that accessorizing with items found in nature isn’t limited to making daisy chains. 

What I Wore to Black Friday

This year’s Black Friday called for the combat boots and military attire. I was on a mission, lol!

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