I've finally finished our Rock n' Roll Video Game Room and I just love it. The catalyst {besides our upcoming Halloween party} was the hanging of the Union Jack Flag print {from Z Gallerie} last week on the wall where originally stood only two golden stumps.

... and a bunch of fake plastic instruments {that you can see us rocking here} -including our state of the art Dance Dance Revolution pads ...oh, we're good!

Last month when I was searching for a chair for our master bedroom, my brother {who's married to The818} reminded me of his two vintage modern burgundy chairs that were just sitting in storage at the moment. Thinking I could throw a white slipcover over one to hide the burgundy and match the master, I agreed to take both {the other has been residing in the guest room for the time being}. But when I hung the Union Jack print I realized what a perfect match {style & color wise} the chair would be under it, along with loving the gold next to it. The brick surrounding walls tie in the rusts/reds/burgundies, along with texture. With the approval of our friend Timmy, we had the beginning of our new and improved Video Game Room.

I added the large glorious orchid the husband gave me last month for our anniversary to the stump and a white Mongolian Lamb hair pillow to the chair and the spot was perfect. This was the only corner of the room done yet when our friends came over last Saturday night to watch Brock Lesnar get his face pounded in, where do you think everyone ended up? Right in this room.

Vintage small glass vintage single person ash trays with gold trim where my grandma's

The DJ Hero case resembles a guitar case adding to the rock n' roll feel as well as the sheepskins on the floor... though those may only be there for the photos lol!

I decided that Monday I'd put the finishing touches on the room and hang our fake plastic guitars on the wall to A. Get them off the floor and B. give it a rock n' roll studio kind of look. Knowing that real guitar hooks would be far too heavy duty for my needs, I Googled "how to hang your fake plastic guitars on the wall" and found a post on Fake Plastic Rock with the necessary hardware, went to Osh and found these screw in storage hooks and easily mounted the fake plastic guitars on the wall.

Yes, that's a Mary night light on the wall and yes I used my leopard scarf on the mic stand as an ode to Aerosmith.

I brought the second chair in just to see how it would look and it fit perfectly into the little nook under the window {this area used to be a bar but was redone before we moved in} with the second gold stump accompanying it. Because you can see this area from the front door, I hung the "Beatles" fake plastic guitar controller on the wall above the stump to keep the Brit/Rock n' Roll theme alive and found a little burgundy flower pot to house our mammoth collection of drum sticks {we have owned two other complete sets of Rock Band fake instruments, yeah, I know}. This is the husband's new favorite place to sit. When the Keytar is not in use, the husband uses the stump as a desk for his laptop.

I found these tiny little succulents at Osh whilst picking up my guitar mounts & palms and just fell in love. I should have grabbed 10 of them they're so cute! Not really wanting to plant them, I slipped their tiny plastic pots into little frosted votives ...which used to be filled Glade Candles) {removing candles from glass votives tip: fill with a little water then pop in the freezer. Once frozen you can take it out and easily pop out the cubed wax/water and you have a clean little votive}

The view from the living room into the game room before...

...and after, with Jesus as the great divider.

The opposite side of the game room still is the same for now - TV, plants, a bit of video game clutter, and may remain for a while. And I haven't found enough great pieces for the 6x6 Expedit Ikea shelves in the living room to my liking to decorate/photograph and post it but I'm gonna have to come up with something before Halloween. For now, I'm really loving our new Rock n' Roll video game room. It's just so fun. I walk by it for no reason at all ...just to admire it. lol

What do you think of my video game room? Would you create something like this?

Guest blog submitted by ...love Maegan