(No Kate Gosselin! No!)

I know any male who sees this will skip my article and go straight to the comments, to post a definitive “yes”, but I am quite serious about this topic. Despite the fact that colder weather is fast approaching, I have seen no decrease in the number of women running by me on the sidewalk every morning wearing only their sports bras as tops. This distresses me.

I fully understand that  dressing like this helps one to stay cooler, and that may help one run longer. In fact I regularly wear a sports bra when I am running on my treadmill at home. The difference, I think, is whether or not one chooses to go out in public like this.



If one is running on a public sidewalk, this may be more of your skin than someone wants to see, such as a mother with her small children, an older woman with different views on this sort of thing, or someone like your boss, father, or brother. Call me old fashioned, but in my eyes, since the word “bra” is still in the sports bra’s name, it is considered a bra when all is said and done. I didn’t think that we were allowed to wear bras in public, and now I’m a bit fuzzy on where the line is drawn – would this be acceptable in school? How about in a work environment? Would you go to a barbeque with your neighbors wearing a sports bra? Would you run your errands around town like this?

It’s easy to laugh at those examples, but I have seen it turning into something more than a habit for during workouts. I see girls at sports practices wearing only their sports bras, and  I knew a girl not so long ago who had no problem walking around in any public situation in her sports bra. If walking about in a regular bra, or even a bikini top (although we make exceptions for this only a few times) isn’t socially acceptable, what makes a sports bra any better?

I understand the practicality of this, but at the same time, throwing a light tank top over the sports bra would not necessarily make you die of heat stroke, especially since most of the year in most of the country the temperature is not deathly hot enough to argue that point.

Do you run in just a sports bra? Would you feel comfortable doing so, or wearing it elsewhere?