Here at Lovelyish, we’re always looking for new ways to embrace the Xanga community and really get everybody involved. Since we love reading all the comments just as much as you do, we thought it would be a fun idea to take a little sneak peak into the lives of some of our favorite readers!

Wouldn’t you like to know a little bit more about the person behind the avatar that’s bringing us such great advice and opinions? We know we would! So what better way to cure those Monday blues than a little Q & A with HapaKikui!

Lovelyish: What’s your real name, age (only if you feel up for sharing), and where are you from?

Lisa, 22 years old, San Jose, CA

L:  What do you do when you are not cruising through Lovelyish, reading posts and offering up advice?

I am a pre-dental student, work in a haunted attraction, and perform on flute and piccolo. On my free time, I like to read blogs, window shop, and do photo shoots with friends. I love fashion and beauty!

L: What made you want to create a Lovelyish account?

My friend told me about Lovelyish and the moment I began reading, I was hooked. I wanted an account of my own so I can participate! Also, this is a nice outlet and break for me from my studying.

L:  If you could change one thing about Lovelyish what would it be? And why?

It would be to have less posts about celebrity gossip, filter out biased posts that anger people, and more inspiring posts!

L: How would you describe your personal style?

Classic. I love elegant clothing that is edgy yet classy: bringing out femininity without showing too much skin.

L:  If you could only have 5 beauty products in your possession what would they be?

They would be my eyebrow tweezers, moisturizer, Carmex, nail clippers/filers, and concealer for my under-eye circles.

L: What is your favorite subject in school?

My favorite subject has always been music and math. Music is very healing, and I like that math is structured and straight-forward.

L:  What was your biggest fashion faux pas?

I would say my biggest fashion faux pas was when I used to wear solid black head-to-toe with no colored trim, accessories, or anything. It made me look so pale, plain, and dark!

L:  Where wold you be your dream place to travel?

Italy. The food, GELATO, architecture, fashion, and attractive men. Need I say more?

L: What is your most prized article of clothing and makeup?

My most prized clothing item is my vintage Burberry trench coat. I love that I could wear it with pretty much everything and even as a dress! And my most prized makeup item is my Shu Uemura lip gloss in pink lemonade. It keeps my lips looking soft and glossy for hours!

L:  What/Who is your guilty pop culture pleasure?

That would be Lady Gaga. I adore her music and she is such an amazing performer! She is no ordinary entertainer. And most of all, I love her attitude!

Thanks Lisa (a.k.a. HapaKikui) for indulging our curious minds! Happy Monday Lovelies!