Every relationship goes through problems, but at what point do you stop trying to work things out and decide to let go? Here are some signs that it may be time to break up...

1. You constantly find yourself bored.

After a while in a relationship, things can begin to get monotonous. If you find it to be consistently so, maybe it’s time to reevaluate. Becoming too bored in a relationship is never a good sign and you should try to spice things up a little. If that still doesn’t work, it might be time to go because you shouldn’t have to remain subjected to such feelings of monotony.

2. You are going in separate directions with your life.

 People grow and change during the course of a relationship and sometimes you might find that you and your partner are headed in different directions. Maybe you’re going to college while they remain doing nothing with their life or you see yourself having kids and they’re heavily against it. If your plans for the future begin to clash too much, that can be seriously problematic.

3. You stop looking forward to seeing them.

When you no longer get excited to see each other or you even get tired of seeing each other, you may just need some space. Sometimes however, a little bit of space doesn’t solve this problem and you need permanent space. How can a relationship be successful if you don’t even like seeing the person you’re with? That is definitely a bad sign.

4. You can’t stop thinking about other guys.

If you never used to even give other guys a second thought and now your mind is overwhelmed with thoughts of other guys, this can be a sign that you are losing interest. If you are losing interest, it’s only fair to your boyfriend that you leave because it is better to leave than to cheat.

You are constantly trying to change them.

If you find yourself trying to constantly change your partner, this might be a sign that they aren’t the person for you. It is true that some people can change but you shouldn’t want to completely change a person because if you have to do this, you stop them from being who they are and make them who you want them to be. Nobody likes someone always trying to change them and they might to seriously begin to resent it. Maybe you should take a second and realize that you might be able to find someone better out there who already has all the qualities that you tried so hard to force on your current significant other.

You are doing all the work.

If you are always trying to make things work and the other person isn’t, it may not be worth fighting for. Who wants to fight alone? You will just use up a lot of energy and stress yourself out. A relationship takes two people trying at it to remain successful and if only one person is putting in all the effort, it won’t work out for long.

7. You fight more than you smile.

If all you do is fight,  that is a major problem, especially if it is more than you are smiling or happy with each other. Once a relationship is consumed completely by fights, it may be necessary to move on.

8. There is no communication or trust.

Communication and trust are two major foundations for any successful relationship and if there isn’t any, things will not work.  If you don’t trust your partner or your partner doesn’t trust you, many unnecessary fights will arise and your relationship will be very complicated and stressful. Who wants to be with someone who doesn’t trust them or that they cannot trust? That is purely a recipe for disaster. You and your partner should talk about things and try your best to work them out and communication is the tool to help you do so. When you can no longer talk things out, there aren’t many options left.

9. The bad begins to outweigh the good.

Lastly, despite anything else on the list, the most important sign that it’s time to break up is when the bad outweighs the good. If you have any of the problems on this list but you are mostly happy otherwise, you shouldn’t give up just yet. However, if there is more bad than good, it is definitely time to end things. If they’re driving you crazy more than they’re warming your heart, don’t be in denial and just let go. You’ll save yourself a lot of problems and wasted time and energy if you just move on. No one should be stuck in misery.

At what point do you think it's time to end things, Lovelies?