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Trashy Halloween Costume #1: Sexy Brick House

Trash-o-ween Costume #1 – Sexy House Just… 0_o Brick house costume, $31.90 on Amazon. Happy Halloween! It’s been so fun counting down our 10 Days of Trashoween with you, Lovelies! We’ll announce our 2 contest winners soon. —– Here on Lovelyish, we’re counting down 10 Days of Trashy Halloween Costumes. Until Halloween we’ll spotlight an […]

5 Reasons You Don’t Want To Work At Your Favorite Store

For some, working in retail can sometimes seem glorious, especially for those who love to shop, however this is not always the case. You may think that it will be cool to work in a place where you shop all of the time because you’ll get exclusives on the latest merchandise and you love being […]

Guerlain Faces Legal Action Over Racist Comments

Protesters gathered outside Guerlain’s Paris store after Jean-Paul Guerlain used a racial slur in a quote about perfume. Guerlain is currently in the center of a racial storm in France, after one of of its best known perfumers said he “worked like a n***er” to create a new fragrance.   Anti-racism groups have threatened to sue […]

Dressed Up as a Sailor for My Friend’s Birthday Party

On Friday night it was my friend Emma‘s birthday, and she decided that we should dress up as sailors to celebrate.

Stockings to Get Me Into the Halloween Spirit

Halloween is here thus the excuse to wear stockings with cats on them! 

The Real Shelf-Life of Your Makeup

When was the last time you cleaned out your makeup bag?  Do you have any idea of what’s hiding in there?  Eye shadow from high school… and you’ve been out for almost 10 years? Unfortunately, most of our makeup doesn’t offer the convenience of a makeup expiration date like the items in our pantry or […]

Watching Football Today? Get Some Cute Gear!

It’s football season ladies! No worries… you don’t have to wear ill fitting jerseys while cheering for your favorite team. Check out some of these options (and don’t be offended by the team choices!):

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